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1st Week of each month Jody Wisternoff Dave Seaman Nila
2nd Week each of month   Marc Poppcke Gabi M
3rd Week each of month   Scotty. A Carlos Palacio
4th Week each of month   Cream  
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  DAVI (June 2012) BUE, ARG GWM 002 - Unique Series I The remixes I Arturo Mercado - Partner | Mexico Facebok - E- Mail
  Showcase GWM (September2012) D.F, MEX GWM 003 - Supernova Cristian R Ivan Castro - Partner | Colombia Facebok - E- Mail
  Cid Inc (November 2012) BUE, ARG GWM 004 - Unique Series I The remixes II Javier Benitez - Artistic Manager | ARG Facebok - E- Mail
  Rich Curtis (April 2013) BUE, ARG    
  Scotty.A (August 2013) BUE, ARG Facebook GWM Label Facebok  
  Marc Poppcke & Ioan Gamboa
(November 2013) BUE, ARG
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  Showcase GWM (July 2014) D.F, MEX   bookings@goldenwingsmusic.com E- Mail
  Scotty.A (July 2014) BUE, ARG    
  Derek Howell (November 2014) BUE, ARG   Contact: info@goldenwingsmusic.com E- Mail
  Nikko.Z (December 2014) BUE, ARG    



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GWM005 - Release: Jan 05 2015
East Cafe - No Need To Hide EP
• East Cafe - No Need to Hide (Original mix)
• East Cafe - No Need to Hide - (Diego Diyo remix)

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East Cafe - No Need To Hide (Diyo remix) supported by Hernan Cattaneo @ Resident 163

GMW005 welcomes again to East Cafe, this time delivering an incredible original full of melodies combined with a killer bassline that will make you dance for sure. On remix duties, Diyo reworked the original into a deep, atmospheric but still full of groove tune.

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